Single Dormer Loft Conversion

Dormers are the UK's most commonly fitted loft conversions. These are so popular for several reasons as the conversion can be a fairly simple extension to the existing roof, often to the back of the house. They also create much more additional floor and head space within the newly converted room, generally makign the loft the largest room within your home.

A dormer also allows for the room internally to have vertically straight walls accompanied with a horizontal ceiling, going against the slanted walls more normally associated with loft conversions. Single Dormer conversion are smaller conversions where only a part of the sloping roof is replaced with the conversion. Dormer loft conversions are versatile in that they can be built on different styles of homes, such as on terraced houses, end of terrace, semi detached and detached houses.

There are also shed dormer width dormer conversions, here the roof is not flat but still sloping a little bit. These conversions usually blend in better within the roof especially if it is not a full width conversion.

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